Internal Improvements

First of our internal improvements:  MBS has just signed up for a software package that’s specifically tailored to our business. Implementation will take place over the next couple of weeks, as time permits.

Right now, we run Outlook for Contacts, Calendar, and E-mail. We use Quickbooks for everything financial. Quotes are Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. There is data everywhere!

The new software integrates all of these functions, working with Outlook, Quickbooks, and our Managed Services software.  There is a mobile app for smart phones. The software tracks contracts for our clients, and handles “tickets”, time keeping, invoicing, etc.

MBS has grown to a point where this “PSA” software package is among the internal improvements necessary to provide quality service to our clients. We’re excited to get it implemented. MBS clients should expect some minor changes over the next month or two – all for our mutual benefit, of course.

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