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Annual Technology Review

Technology review time!  January is an excellent time to think about the advances in technology that you’ve made over the past year and what you want to accomplish in the coming year.

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Take time for at least an annual technology review to maintain a good grasp on where you’re at.

Start by thinking about the changes you’ve made in 2012 and what the benefits are.  When you take stock, you’ll find that you’ve made greater strides than you realize.  Maybe you upgraded some equipment, maybe you implemented some new software.  How have these changes improved the way you work?

Next, the fun part – consider what you want to accomplish in 2013.  Think about the goals first… then consider how to accomplish those goals within your budget.

Our clients in Jefferson, Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties will be contacted soon to have just such a meeting.


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  1. Always good to take time to work ON your business and not just work IN your business.


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