The 10,000 Most-Used Passwords – Upgrade Yours for Security!

10,000 Most-Used Passwords

Simple passwords are a bad idea.  It’s one thing if you have a simple password to log onto your computer at home (still not a good idea).  It’s quite a different thing to have a simple password to get into your e-mail… or your Amazon account… or your bank!!

There are two common attack methods to crack a password.  One is a dictionary attack.  This uses a

picture of four passwords, weak to strong, to illustrate an article about the 10,000 most-used passwords

Use passwords that are NOT among the 10,000 most-used passwords – for your own security

list of passwords.  A program simply cycles through the passwords until it finds one that works. The second common attack method is “brute force”.  A brute force attack tries all combinations of characters until it hits one that works.  These attacks are why your online accounts might be locked out after a number of failed logons.

Here, according to the author, is a list of the 10,000 most-used passwords. He claims that 99.8% of all user passwords are in this list. Make sure yours is not on this list!  As you can imagine, a dictionary attack will certainly include all of these.

The 10,000 Most-Used Passwords

Here’s the list:

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