Go Hands-Free… PLEASE

Bluetooth Hands Free Phone Use While DrivingSetting up Bluetooth and effectively using your phone hands-free is easy. Please do it for your own safety and the safety of others.

I try to minimize my cell phone use while driving. When I do, I use it hands-free. Here’s how I set it up.

I bought a suction cup bracket that holds my phone so I can see it – similar to a GPS. It’s positioned in the lower corner of my windshield – out of the way, but easy to glance at without taking my eyes off the road.

My car is too old to have built-in Bluetooth, so I use a Bluetooth headset. This lets me talk and dial hands-free. The sound quality is better than my phone, and the headset is more comfortable than holding the phone to my ear. I use the headset even while I’m in the office.

A Bluetooth headset not only lets you talk and dial hands-free, it also lets you send texts, get GPS directions, and send emails hands-free. But, like a lot of phone features, few people take the time to learn how. More about voice commands in my next post.

Cost? My Bluetooth headset currently sells for $52 on Amazon. A universal windshield-mount bracket is less than $20. Let’s reduce the number of cell-phone-related accidents. Go hands-free. Please.

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One Response to “Go Hands-Free… PLEASE”

  1. Maggie Mongan September 18, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    AMEN! too many folks still texting and what not. Thanks for the encouragement – I will pass this on!